It's 2024 and the bullshit is endless. Failing leaders, societal division, epidemic levels of weakness and idiocy. Yuck. Are things really as ugly as they look?

The answer is: it doesn't matter. Because you're focused on what's in your immediate control. Building. Optimizing. Improving. Seeking. 

Storms make the NPCs panic and trample. You welcome life's weather with placid appreciation, knowing it hones you. Knowing it won't be the last time. 

There is no better project or investment than your own mental and physical health. When these things aren't running in a conditioned gear, the rest of the lot quickly dumps value.

Cohld is a state of being - an equilibrium that steers our actions and responses in everything we do. Unaffected, courageous, thirsty for a challenge. Armed to withstand and equipped to outlast.

Bottom line...

Be Sharp.

Be Durable. 

Be Cohld. 


*We only sell products that we truly believe positively impact health and wellbeing, and therefore the overall human experience. We don't offer anything we don't use ourselves.
All of our supplements are made in the USA.*